To be a fully participating member of the Bassendean Scout Group there are two sets of fees to be serviced.

Child 1Child 2Child 3Child 4
Branch Fees$190 per year$153 a year $126 a year $98 a year
Group Fees$65 per team or
$260 pre year
$65 per team or
$260 pre year
$65 per team or
$260 pre year
$65 per team or
$260 pre year
Total$450 pre year$413 per year$386$358

Scouts WA – this annual fee charged by Scouts WA is called a Branch Fee.

Branch fees
 are paid directly to Scouts WA and contribute towards the cost of membership of Scouts WA, Scouts Australia and the World Organisation of the Scouting Movement (WOSM). This fee also covers the insurance levy and all administration. 

  • No member of any Scout Group is allowed on camps or excursions without Scouts WA Membership.
  • This fee is emailed to Members by Scouts WA each year on the anniversary of the child joining Scouts. Payment is made directly to Scouts WA.
  • Payment of Branch fees are to be made when invoiced
  • Discounts apply to families that have more than one child registered with Scouts WA.
  • Failure to pay this invoice on time will result in the Member being delisted.
  • Enquirers about Branch Fees can be made to: enquiries@scoutswa.com.au

Bassendean Scout Group – this term fee charged by the Bassendean Scout Group is called a Group Fee.

Group fees
 are paid directly to Bassendean Scout Group and contribute towards the cost of scarves, badges, leader training, equipment, weekly activities, hall maintenance and utilities.

  • Families should prioritise the payment of the Scouts WA invoice.
  • In January of each new year a Fee Notice will be sent to all registered Members by email.
  • For Members who join in Terms 2, 3 or 4, the Bassendean Scout Group Treasurer will send a Revised Fee Notice by email.
  • It is not the intention of Bassendean Scout group to place any member under financial stress.  If you wish to discuss any alternate payment schedule, please contact the Group Leader on gl.bassendean@scoutswa.com.au

Additional Fees / Expenses

  • A one off new member fee of $35 is also charged. This covers the cost of the Scout Scarf and initial bulk investment badges.
  • Uniforms – All Joeys / Cubs / Scouts / Venturers must wear the correct shirt. They can be ordered through the Scouts WA online shop. Information can be found at www.scoutswa.com.au/scoutstore
  • Camps, day trips, and some activities – all attract fees. These will be communicated by Leaders to Members as they arise.  Term programs are distributed at the start of every term, and are available on the Bassendean Scout Group website under each Section.